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Andrus Adamchik
> Hello,
> I want to delete a relational table row. Although I set the relation
> delete
> rule nullify, it is not set the relation null.
> *SystemLogs table has column of LogTypeId  and LogTypeId has relat?on with
> Id (P.K. column)  of LogType table.
> *When I delete a row of LogType table, LogTypeId  column of SystemLogs
> table, which has relation of deleted row of LogType table,
> is not nullified automaticly.

Doublecheck on what side of the relationship "Nullify" is set. It should
be on the FROM side of the object being deleted. So LogType -> SystemLog
must have a "Nullify" rule, not the SystemLog -> LogType ...

> My observation is that this rule is not work after the contex
> commitChanges(); line.

After? It should take effect BEFORE and DURING the commit.