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Peer Synchronization

Lon Varscsak
It seems like every post I have about Cayenne is about peer
synchronization. :P

So peer synchronization wasn’t working in my application at all and I’ve
been beating my head against a wall for a few days. :)

What I learned is that for a reason (that I won’t address here), I realized
I turned off shared caching.

So I believe that’s saying that peer synchronization won’t happen unless
shared caching is on.  Which is fine-ish (except for the reason I turned it
off), except then I realize that the shard cache is a finite size (for good
reason).  But does that mean that peers won’t synchronize  objects that
fall out of that cache (but remain in the application)?  Stale records
(from within a single application) is icky.

I know that the recommendation is to turn off peer synchronization anyway,
and it’s very possible that I’m fighting the framework.

How would I handle some type of synchronization within a single application
(vm), but between components that do not know about each other
“automatically” (or with minimal effort) after commits?