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My experience with Apache Cayenne


This is Kumar from Amphora Software Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad, India. Hope, you
remember, we had your Apache Cayenne session last month. This is a personal
mail from myside otherwise i would have sent it from my official mail id.
The session was really nice and useful. Though we did not cover many
advanced topics, the session is very useful for a quick start. We are
really satisfied. Also you have given some lab examples which you prepared.
I really wonder how did you prepared those example programs. It looks so
simple and short, i will find the solution for every problem i face while
trying Cayenne. Thanks a lot.

Ok. Coming to the point.
The reason for this mail is to share my experience with Cayenne.

As i know few things about Cayenne now, I thought of putting it into
action. I was developing an application which is almost 70% completed
already where i was using Hibernate as an ORM. Even i'm not good at
Hibernate either. Just because i started the application, i'll start
looking for help for every requirement of mine and i'm able to achieve most
of the things.

Now i just thought of doing the same application using Cayenne. Though not
a great idea to change technology in middle, it is my personal application
and i have time to explore, i started migrating my application to Cayenne.

If i have to say in a line.
*Apache Cayenne is AWESOME.....*
i gotta repeat 1000 times.

for(int i=0; i<1000;i++)
System.out.println("Apache Cayenne is AWESOME.....");

We have around 2600 db entities and when i was working with Hibernate, i
used some Netbeans plugin to generate the java classes. Though after
generating it was not in a usable state.
There were many relationship issue and it took 4 to 5 days to solve all
relationship problems and bring the application to a usable state.

When i try the same thing in Cayenne, i used the Modeler tool, to generate
the java classes, I can't even believe. It is just 15 mins to generate all
java classes with zero problems. My application is ready in minutes.

Further working with ObjectSelect and other queries are really fun. I
cannot believe that working with an ORM will be so interesting and enjoying.
For creating an hibernate session factory with 2600 entities takes 25 to 30
seconds where as in cayenne to create the ServerRuntime it is hardly 6 to 7
seconds. Even other fetches also relatively better.
Cayenne is really amazing. Thanks for giving such a technology.

I am facing few problems here n there and couldn't find a solution. I'm not
sure it is problem with cayenne or it's me who don't know or can't find the
solution. Still trying....

Your work is really appreciated. I think Cayenne inception is same as
Hibernate but it came late to the market. But i feel it is worthy.