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Changes in Cayenne DI API

Nikita Timofeev
Hi all,

We are going to add some type-safety into List and Map bindings in Cayenne DI.
In order to do that, small incompatibility should be introduced in Binder class:

Instead of these methods (they will be deprecated):

    <T> MapBuilder<T> bindMap(String bindingName);
    <T> ListBuilder<T> bindList(String bindingName);

New ones should be used:

    <T> MapBuilder<T> bindMap(Class<T> valueType);
    <T> MapBuilder<T> bindMap(Class<T> valueType, String bindingName);
    <T> ListBuilder<T> bindList(Class<T> valueType);
    <T> ListBuilder<T> bindList(Class<T> valueType, String bindingName);

If you are using these methods directly in your code it will likely be broken.

Best regards,
Nikita Timofeev