[ANN] Cayenne 4.0.M4 is released

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[ANN] Cayenne 4.0.M4 is released

Andrus Adamchik
Very glad to announce a new 4.0 milestone release. It was a great collaborative effort that includes a number of important things. So thanks to everybody who was involved in it. So M4...

* Stabilizes database reverse-engineering tools for DB-first ORM flow.
* Plugs holes and omissions in the fluent query API.
* Expands encryption capabilities to all data types.
* Improves transaction management API.
* Provides alternative binary protocols for ROP, greatly improving its performance.
* Includes a new Modeler welcome screen.
* Fixes numerous bugs, updates docs, etc., etc.

We are hoping to squash any potential scope creep and turn the next release into a "beta". In the meantime everyone is welcome to use M4. We use it in production ourselves, so you can do too :)


1. Full release announcement: http://cayenne.apache.org/2016/12/cayenne-40M4-released.html
2. Get the latest Cayenne: http://cayenne.apache.org/download.html (and of course it is in Maven Central too)
3. Upgrade instructions: https://github.com/apache/cayenne/blob/4.0.M4/docs/doc/src/main/resources/UPGRADE.txt (what's not mentioned there is that you need to reopen your projects in the new CayenneModeler to let it do a few minor XML upgrades).