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[ANN] Cayenne 4.0.B2

Andrus Adamchik
On behalf of all Cayenne developers I am glad to announce the second Beta release of Cayenne 4.0 [1]. With feature freeze, we've spent a lot of effort stabilizing the 4.0. The new release includes 16 bug fixes [2]. Documentation has been expanded, including the use of the new query column API [3] and various auto-loadable extensions modules [4].

Many thanks to the early adopters who either took their time to file jiras or contacted us in other ways with feedback and bug reports. Please keep doing that!

And of course thanks to all the people working on Cayenne :)


[1] http://cayenne.apache.org/download.html
[2] http://cayenne.apache.org/2017/10/cayenne-40B2-released.html
[3] http://cayenne.apache.org/docs/4.0/cayenne-guide/queries.html#selectquery
[4] http://cayenne.apache.org/docs/4.0/cayenne-guide/cayenne-guide-part5.html