[ANN] Apache Cayenne 4.0 Beta released

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[ANN] Apache Cayenne 4.0 Beta released

Andrus Adamchik
Very happy to announce Cayenne 4.0 Beta! After "just" 5 years we felt we had enough new features and need to wrap up and stabilize :) Seriously though, 4.0 is awesome and if you haven't had a chance to upgrade yet, now is the time! The API is frozen. There's nothing for you to lose by upgrading, and a *lot* to gain. The download link is here [1].

Planning to write in depth about the differences between 4.0 and 3.1 soon. For now the release announcement [2] focuses more narrowly on what's new since 4.0.M5. Namely:

* Gradle plugin
* Refreshed Modeler look and feel
* Switch from commons-logging to SLF4J
* ... and plenty of bug fixes.

Now we'll let 4.0 sit and stabilize for some time. We'll fix bugs as we hear from the users and work on the docs and the website. At the same time we are switching the master branch to 4.1 development. That's where all the new features will go. And we have a lot of those in the queue.

Thanks everyone for being a part of the community. I am sure you will enjoy 4.0!

Andrus Adamchik

[1] http://cayenne.apache.org/download.html
[2] http://cayenne.apache.org/2017/06/cayenne-40B1-released.html